Saturday, August 18, 2007

Hurricane Dean

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Hurricane Dean

Less than three weeks from our Cancun vacation, and Hurricane Dean threatens to devastate the entire region. Currently the storm churns over the Caribbean, and recent reports indicate Dean will make landfall at Cancun as a category 3 storm by Tuesday morning. The diagram above shows the storm's likely course.

We're on stand-by, waiting to see if Hurricane Dean will actually hit where expected, and how much damage will occur. We may end up going some place completely different. I hate to lose our vacation, but even more, I pray for those who live in the path of this disastrous hurricane.

More to come...

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Tim said...

The Yucatan peninsula is a magical place. I hope you plan to explore more than Cancun. Will you be visiting any Mayan sights? Coba is a favorite off the beaten path. Tulum and Chichen are also great. Hopefully the storm will steer east.


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