Tuesday, August 28, 2007


Panic Plunge...

Whitney's first roller coaster ride...

Family Tradition

My family makes a yearly trip to the Silverwood Theme Park in North Idaho, often furnished by the kids' reading program at school. If they read a certain number of hours, the school pays for their tickets. Of course, Rhonda and I have to buy our own tickets, but we're only too happy to celebrate our children's success.

Panic Plunge

This was the first year Rhonda and I rode the Panic Plunge. The ride resembles a tall radio tower with a round car carrying passengers upward. When it reaches the top, it drops suddenly in a terrifying free-fall only to stop seconds before hitting the ground. Actually, the scariest part was the anticipation of waiting to fall. The plunge ends in a matter of seconds, but left me breathless nonetheless.

Whitney's First Ride

Whitney rode the roller coaster for the first time. She clung to Rhonda the entire time, but she liked it enough to ride again three more times. We definitely got our adrenaline rush for the day!


Chelle said...

You know Brad is afraid of roller coasters. I just find that crazy.

sulustu said...

Yeah, isn't that weird? He'll jump out of airplanes, but he hates roller coasters. Go figure.


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