Monday, August 20, 2007

Hurricane Dean: Update #3

Image courtesy of the Weather Channel.

Projected Landfall

My family continues to watch Hurricane Dean with great interest. As the storm moves west from the island of Jamaica, the projected landfall once again nudged southward; however, Cancun remains under hurricane warning.

Increased Interest

As I've reported on the developing storm, my blog has become the focus of increased online interest. As a result, visits to my website have increased considerably within the last day. Web trackers indicate the majority of visits were made by others seeking updated storm information.

Memories of Hugo

As we anticipate the possible loss of our hotel accommodations in Cancun, I'm reminded of Hurricane Hugo back in the late 1980s. An organization on the Virgin Islands had agreed to sponsor my family as part of a cultural exchange. We had planned to perform Native dances, but Hurricane Hugo destroyed the island and the exchange was scrapped. All these years later, I'm here wondering what will become of this trip in the face of another powerful storm.

More to come...

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