Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Cattail Meditation

A sample of cattail cordage...

Yellow grass and cattails...

The damp cold air sticks to my skin as I walk down by the river. Trudging through the tall yellow grass, my feet fall into the mud, soaking my shoes and socks. My feet are now thoroughly chilled, so I decide to hurry home.

Halfway up the hill, the dry cattails catch my attention. I remember the little cattail people we made with my friends last year and I decide to stop. I take the leaves into my hand and begin to twist the natural fibers into cordage. Such a simple act, making cordage, but I find it purely meditative. A distinct calm settles over my body and mind, while every hint of cold disappears from my feet. Suddenly the air seems more clear than before and a bald eagle flies overhead.

The moment was simple and yet transformative; a reminder of my connection to the present moment.

I took a handful of cattail leaves, brought them home, and made another person. It's hard to explain; those little people really are quite magical.


Chelle said...

You got to save some for me so I can make one tomorrow.

sulustu said...

I will try to get some more before tomorrow.They're fairly easy and fun to make.


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