Saturday, November 29, 2008


My grandma Alice attends the Assembly of God Church and leads a ministry dedicated to providing shoes to "needy and otherwise deserving" children. She and several other members of the church created the ministry six or seven years ago. They obtain donations at a local level and then purchase shoes for those in need.

Grandma called me on Friday morning and reminded me of her ministry. She then said she wanted to buy shoes for Dakota as a way to honor him for his performance in the recent production of Peter Pan. She Dakota falls under the category of "otherwise deserving." We met at a local shoe store and Dakota received a new pair of boots. Grandma probably didn't know that right about now Dakota also falls under the category of "needy." He has desperately needed a new pair of winter boots, but money has been short this season.

I thank grandma Alice for following her heart to create the shoe ministry, and I thank the Creator for inspiring people serve the needs of others.

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