Saturday, November 01, 2008

The Rocket

Dakota and I met a new friend named Adam at the Rocket bakery. Adam also attended my session at the Bioneers Conference and wanted to discuss the topic further. We had the chance to talk a little about dreams, spirituality, herbal medicine, and cultural traditions. Hopefully our visit will continue.

The area surrounding the Rocket has become sort of a magnet for Spokane's socially progressive crowd. It's not unusual to see bumper stickers protesting the war in Iraq or supporting the environment. This Volkswagon van was a picture right out of the 60s.

Of course, I just enjoy the feeling at the Rocket. It's a great place to sit and feel comfortable talking without distractions. Obviously, this guy feels the same. He was asleep on the sofa near the entrance of the Rocket.

1 comment:

JenX67 said...

This reminds me of mine and my hubby's favorite getaway - The Red Cup in OKC. Peeps sleep on the couch there, too.


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