Thursday, November 26, 2009

Extreme Peru: Part Nine

The Training Experience

In Puerto Maldonado, we spent two days facilitating a training experience with the 40/40 missionaries. This event was the heart of our purpose for visiting Peru.

In my experience, these kinds of trainings open a space for people to share at a deep level. I think people crave connection with others, without pretense or masks, but our habitual way of relating often prevents us from seeing our true potential for creating meaningful community. Social conditioning tells us to be nice or to keep the peace by hiding our true selves. Maybe this is appropriate in some circumstances, but in the big picture, true community begins with honesty.

Likewise, conflict is a natural part of community building. Most of us resist conflict, and yet the very things that afflict us may also hold the greatest creative energy.

It's an honor for me to work with a group and to witness their growth process, through conflict, pain, and ultimately toward honesty and healing. Once given the opportunity, these wonderful people embraced their challenges and created a new space of mutual understanding and support.

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