Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Almira Wheat

Driving home from Ephrata, Rhonda and I retraced part of our honeymoon journey.

Almost 13 years ago, we spent our honeymoon in a strange collection of places. We passed the weekend on the ocean shores of Lincoln City, Oregon, and later drove home to Spokane. After a day, we decided we wanted just a little more honeymoon on a shoestring budget. We camped near Mt. St. Helens, visited Olympia, then drove home on the back roads of Highway 2.

On a whim, we stopped in the tiny town of Almira, Washington, just to say we "honeymooned" there. We took our pictures on the main street of town, then continued our journey home.

All these years later, we passed through the same country together for the first time since our wedding. I'm reminded of the beautiful wheat fields and the wide open air. After all this time, I still love the spaces of Eastern Washington; and to share it with my wife, the day was perfect.

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