Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Steve's Tree

Dakota, Linda, and Ron climbing the mountain...

Linda contemplating the tree...

Ron and Clayne converse near Steve's tree...

During our bike ride, we took a small detour to visit the location of Steve's death. He died more than a year ago while snowmobiling on Mount Kit Carson. At the time, Steve rested his back against a small tree after feeling heart related symptoms and went to sleep.

He never woke up.

Steve's brother-in-law Clayne Perrins is a park ranger on Mount Spokane and helped bring his body off the mountain. He marked the tree with a ribbon and served as our guide yesterday.

I had visited the tree when it was still covered in snow, but this was my first visit in the summer. Everything looked very different, but I began to feel strange as we got closer to the exact site. I felt a welling of emotion, especially when I saw many of our old offering still hanging from the tree. I made prayers and honored the place made sacred by Steve's passing.

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