Monday, September 17, 2007

Cancun #26

On the way back from Mercado 23, my mother and I stopped to visit an open air Catholic Church. During the visit, we had a wonderful conversation about life, philosophy, and religion. My mother affirmed her atheist beliefs, while acknowledging a kind of spirituality or connection to all that is. On the other hand, I expressed my belief in a Higher Power, though I admit this being we call God is largely incomprehensible to humans, and may very well appear in ways people can understand. Despite some disagreement, I felt the conversation was very respectful and uplifting, and it was all inspired by our visit to the church.


Chelle said...

I have been meaning to ask does mercardo mean market or somehthing else? Why do they have numbers?

sulustu said...

Yes, mercado means market, and I'm not sure why they're numbered. I think it has something to do with what zone or region they are located within the city.


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