Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Cancun #45

Outside the Coco Bongo...

My best sexy look...

Coco Bongo

Rhonda and I took one night away from the kids to savor the party atmosphere at the Coco Bongo. Admission cost us $80 between the two of us, but the experience was worth the price.

At first I was somewhat disappointed because there was no real dance floor, but we soon found people simply danced in their places around the club. Some people even danced on table tops and on the bar. Between songs, we watched some pretty spectacular shows; Elvis, Michael Jackson, Madonna. We also saw Spiderman and Batman flying around the room on cables, each one fighting their nemesis. Between bursts of light, endless confetti, and rocking music, we had a great time, and all of it without a drop of alcohol. Everyone else drank, but it didn't matter.

I only regret not bringing my camera to the club. If you want to get an idea of what it was like inside the club, log onto Flickr.com and type "Coco Bongo Cancun" in the search window.

For one day out of our lives, Rhonda and I dressed up in our sexiest style, though Rhonda would not allow me to post the pictures of her. :( No matter, I had fun being sexy for a day.

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Anonymous said...

All I can is amazing you guys must of had a great time. Great pictures.


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