Sunday, September 02, 2007

Hurricane Felix: Update #1

Image courtesy of the National Hurricane Center.
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As of this moment, all reports indicate the intensity of Hurricane Felix will likely increase as it passes over the heated waters of the western Caribbean Sea. The predicted track indicates Felix will make landfall somewhat south of Mexico in Belize, but a system of high pressure to the north may dissipate, allowing Felix to make a more northward track. As of this moment, it is too soon to tell what areas will be affected on the Yucatan Peninsula.

On a strictly personal note, it's interesting to see how much I've taken notice of these storms over the last few weeks. From my cozy little corner in the Pacific Northwest I never realized hurricanes can affect me, but as I prepare to travel to other places in the world, I realize they can affect me directly. Now multiply that affect by a thousand, and maybe that figure would approximate the effect hurricanes are having on the people living near the Caribbean.

More to come...

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