Saturday, June 05, 2010


Shelly Boyd invited my family to a small dinner at Inchelium, Washington on the Colville Indian Reservation, where a few friends and family witnessed her grandchildren receive godparents.

Years ago, I used to visit Inchelium with my father to attend a variety of spiritual gatherings. After he passed away, I returned only once or twice, but today's ceremony really affected me more than I expected, perhaps because my father's spirit seemed closer than usual. It seemed appropriate to invoke his memory on such an occasion when we remember that our elders bear us up in moments of discouragement or tragedy.

Many who attended today's event shed tears of renewed commitment and gratitude.

The drive to Inchelium was almost as enjoyable as the dinner. Here Dakota sits overlooking Two Rivers.

The ferry landing at Inchelium.

My children on the banks of the Columbia River/Lake Roosevelt.

McKenna at the Columbia River.

Whitney on the ferry en route to Inchelium.

The Columbia River.

Dakota and Rhonda.

The sunset over the Columbia River.

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