Sunday, June 06, 2010

Mt. Kit Carson

My friend Josh and I drove to the top of Mt. Spokane and hiked over to neighboring Mt. Kit Carson. We explored a few native plants and talked about the meaning of spirit and life.

The rain fell pretty hard toward the beginning of our hike, but it soon gave way to a haunting mist that passed through the treetops. By the end, the clouds parted and allowed us to catch a brief glimpse of the sun.

We also found Steve's tree.

I wanted to find Steve's tree without the help of a guide or park ranger. Rhonda has yet to see the place where her brother passed away, and so I had hoped to take her there some day. I described the place to Josh, but everything seemed different than before. We encountered twists and turns in the road that I scarcely remembered. Then it occurred to me that I have only ever arrived by either snowmobile or bicycle, so things would naturally seem different. I'm not sure how many hours we searched, but we finally found it.

When Rhonda is ready to see Steve's tree, I will now be able to lead her straight there.

The fog casts a beautiful and mysterious influence over the mountain.

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