Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Merritt Nichols

I recently made contact with Gerrie Asleson, a distant cousin from the Nichols family, and received a photograph of my ancestors Merritt Nichols and Anna Miranda Siloway. Merrit was born in 1817 and died some time around 1900, so this photograph has to be more than 100 years old!

Thanks Gerrie for sharing this piece of our family history.


Bravone said...

I love finding out more about my ancestors. I can relate with your excitement.

Richard R. said...

Greetings, Merritt Nichols is one of my 4th great grandfathers. Unfortunately, other than census records, I do not know much about him. I know that he was born in New York. His father's name is Barber. His wife's name is Anna Miranda. I know that Merritt and Anna had their first several children in Illinois and then moved to Iowa. In Iowa, I know that they had at least one child, Josephine (my 3rd great grandmother). The mystery that I have been wondering about, is why the entire family located to Northwest Missouri sometime around 1858 or 1859. According to 1860 census data, they lived in Harrison County, Missouri but then by 1865 they were in Minnesota before returning to Northeast Iowa by 1870. Do you know any of the stories in regards to Merritt's life? Perhaps you could help me piece together more of the story? Thanks! Also, I appreciate your blog and it is really awesome to see a picture of Merritt and Anna Miranda (as I am also a descendant of the couple). Thank you!


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