Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Bear Lake

On a Wednesday afternoon, my family and I hiked around Bear Lake, just north of Spokane, where the brilliant fall colors reminded me of everything beautiful in the world. 

Dakota got the best shot of the day when he photographed these vibrantly orange-colored leaves.  

These rose hips were photographed 
looking down toward the water. 

The sky was reflected in the water. 

Dakota and Rhonda. 

The stairs reflected in the water of Bear Lake. 

A spider and its prey. 

I'm pretty sure these dried umbels 
were once the flowers of water hemlock. 

Water hemlock is one of the more deadly plants.

These leaves belong to the plant 
I suspect of being water hemlock. 
The veins end in the notch, 
not the tips of the leaves.

Yellow and green.

The sky reflected on water...

Lily pads on calm waters...

Mother and son...

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