Tuesday, October 15, 2013


Sometime during the midsummer heat, I planted sunflowers in my back yard in the hope of seeing their bright yellow faces. Sadly, I waited too long and planted the flowers late in the season; so as the air grew chill, the flowers had not yet bloomed. 

Most of the plants withered, but then one flower unexpectedly bloomed and filled my heart with gratitude. 

This simple event reminded me of the importance of gratitude in curing our spiritual ailments. As human beings, we have some desires that can never be filled. When we approach life from an attitude of scarcity, we are left with a feeling of disconnection and emptiness, even when we obtain the object of our desire. However, when we experience gratitude, we allow the perfection of each moment to fill our hearts, and as the scripture says, our cup runs over. 

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