Tuesday, June 20, 2006

The Message

Logan and Brannon, again.
Copyright © 2006 Barry G. Moses.

I went back and re-read yesterday's post about Logan and Brannon Heftel, and I have to admit, I'm startled by my own reaction to their music. Without question, I recognize their obvious talent, but I'm not a music critic. My reaction had an added spiritual dimension; something intangible and beyond critique.

I've been asking myself what it means. Why did I have these feelings when I heard them sing?

I compare it to a time in my life shortly after my father's death when I struggled with grief and the onset of depression. I was driving to work one day and I started crying because I wondered if people truly live again, or if they cease to exist when they die. In that exact moment, the car hit a bump and the radio turned on by itself in the middle of a familiar song line: "...raise your hands to heaven and pray, [and] we'll be back together someday..." (Hands to Heaven, by Breathe). When I heard those words, I felt electricity from the crown of my head, pulsing through my entire body. It felt like a message from God.

In a similar manner, these songs speak some higher truth as I seek new direction in life. They remind me that God has a plan for me, and if I surrender to his will, the Spirit will lead me. Maybe no one else heard the same message; or maybe no one was even meant to hear that message. I only know the message was meant for me and I thank God I was able to see it.

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