Monday, June 26, 2006

Nathan Overbay

One thing I like about blogging, is I get to talk about all the interesting people I meet in life.

I flew home from the family reunion on Sunday evening and sat next to Nathan Overbay on the plane. Nathan hails from Chehalis, Washington and plays football for Eastern Washington University. He's a sophomore studying criminal justice. We struck up a conversation and I found out he was returning from Toronto where he watched his uncle play baseball. He never mentioned his uncle's name, but he said he plays first base for the Toronto Blue Jays. Based on an internet search later on, I assume his uncle is Lyle Overbay. It's really kind of cool. He flies all over the country to see his uncle play.

Anyway, we were kind of a mismatched pair on the plane (I know absolutely nothing about football or baseball), but we had a very pleasant conversation. I wish Nathan the best of luck this coming season.

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Anonymous said...

Nathen is my good friend and its cool you guys meet, he is a great guy and everyone from home is cheering for him.


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