Friday, December 26, 2008

Night Snow

After so many days of constant snow, we can hardly imagine a world not white, but the precipitation rested this evening and the temperature reached a sweltering 20 degrees.

I'm not much of a snow-lover, but the white earth-covering makes a beautiful background for photographs, especially those at night, lined with Christmas lights. This phrase gets way over used, but it really is magical. And then Rhonda and I lay in bed the other night listening to the silence, which is unusual because we live relatively close to a busy highway. It's never totally quiet, but the snow absorbs all the usual sounds.


Anonymous said...

barry love the snow stacked on your house. Just a little bit ago my sister Billie and I cleared the snow off the sweat house roof. Looked about a foot to two feet. The storms dumped quite a bit. We love it. Even the horses wanted to help. We pulled away the branches and they nibbled on them ,lol
enjoy your pictures

Barry Moses (Sulustu) said...

Thanks Janet, I sure miss you. Looking forward to seeing you soon. ~Love, Barry


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