Saturday, December 06, 2008


My cousin Gabby sat next to us with his drum Iron Spirit.

Dakota sleeping on Rhonda's lap.

The senior class of Medicine Wheel Academy sponsored a powwow this evening at Havermale School. Normally I don't attend powwows during the opposing season, but my good friend invited me to sing at the drum. Not to mention, I also felt moved to support the students at my former workplace.

Years ago, I used to sit with Hank Wynne and my father when they still called themselves the "Corn Dogs." The drum name started as a joke, but stuck for quite some time. Finally my yaya Messie decided they should take a more respectable name and paid to call them "Little Falls." Hank and my dad are both gone, as well as several others who sat at that drum, but many of us remember those songs and continue the tradition.

Tonight at the Medicine Wheel powwow, I sat with Eric and the Hall Creek drum. Most of the songs are the same as I remember from my youth. It's an honor.

Rhonda also sang with us, but Dakota fell asleep on Rhonda's lap. He went to a scout camp last night and only slept one hour. Even so, I imagine the sound of the drum resonated in his sleep and moved his dreams.

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