Thursday, December 18, 2008

Snow Day

The storm continued all through the night, dumping a record 24 inches of snow in 24 hours. Since official records began, Spokane has never gotten this much snow in a single day. When we arose this morning, we found reports of a city staggering under the sheer mass of snow. Every school district closed for the day, including District 81 and Community Collges.

Since Community Colleges cancelled classes, I took the dog for a walk by the Little Spokane River. I got some great photographs, but by the end, I almost regretted trudging through so much snow. The snow drifts nearly buried me up to my waist.

Two feet of snow nearly buried my car, but I still managed to drive on at least one important errand.


Oklahoma Farmgirl said...

Beautiful!! Be careful out there, stay warm, & enjoy the time inside with your lovely family.

Blessed be...

Carole Parks said...

I am amazed that you got out at all! We are completely stuck in our neighborhood, even our neighbors with 4 wheel drives can't get out! My flight was cancelled and it looks like I won't see Matt before he goes back to Iraq. :-( I'm supposed to fly out Sunday night, but we'll see.

Barry Moses (Sulustu) said...

@ Oklahoma, we will definietely stay warm. Actually, these last two snow days have allowed us to work on a few projects that have been forgotten on the back burners.

@ Carole, I actually drove right by your house the day of the storm. I was going to drop by, but then I got stuck on my mom's street. Once I extracted my car from the snow, I decided it was better to get home.


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