Saturday, March 14, 2009

ARMS Benefit

Rhonda and Ophelia at tonight's banquet.

Rhonda and I hosted a table at a fundraising banquet to benefit Abuse Recovery Ministry and Services (ARMS). This organization provides Christian-based education and support to individuals affected by domestic violence and other forms of abuse. Ophelia Araujo-Islas is the ARMS director for Eastern Washington.

Their website can be accessed by clicking HERE.

We have supported ARMS over the years in large part because of our friendship and admiration for Ophelia. She embodies a spirit of compassionate service that transcends human differences.

We also support ARMS because we recognize the need to end abuse in all its many forms.


Oklahoma Girl said...

Thank you for supporting this important work. To people like me it means so much when others support, understand, help, & work toward ending abuse. Hugs & blessings to Ophelia for undertaking such an important mission.

Blessed be...

Barry Moses (Sulustu) said...

Abuse affects everyone to one degree or another. We support this cause because we believe in the dignity of all people, including those who are blinded by their own tendency to abuse others. We pray for healing for everyone touched by abuse in any way.


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