Thursday, March 05, 2009

The Return of Old Friends

The same day I met my high school friend of 20 years ago, I received a Myspace message from a friend I knew almost 30 years ago: Anna Olivas. Actually, she was my sister's age, but I was friends with her older sisters.

After making contact, I managed to find a couple pictures from that time in our lives. Judging by the five candles on my sister's birthday cake, this photograph was taken on about January 22, 1982. Kim is blowing out the candles, while Anna rests a gentle hand on her hair. What a sweet gesture! I'm not entirely certain, but I believe the other child in the photograph was our cousin Shawn Norby, who is now deceased.

The "Blast from the Past" just keeps getting better.


Jennifer said...

oh, my! that is the sweetest, most tender gesture. children are so sweet and deserving of all the kindness and mercy we can muster. How sweet to connect with her after so many years.

Chelle said...

That could be me one of the times mom cut my hair short because she was trying to get rid of a curl. She did that on more than one occasion.

Barry Moses (Sulustu) said...

Jen... this pictures really IS one of the sweetest I still have.

Michelle... I thought perhaps it could be you, but Anna says it was her... Any thoughts for how to know for sure?

Chelle said...

I was thinking I would be the kid sitting in the chair that you thought was Shawn. Mom or Debbie or even Kim would proably know for sure.

Barry Moses (Sulustu) said...

Hmmmm... I don't know 'Chelle. I have other pictures of you at that age, and I just don't think this one is you. I'm really thinking this person was Shawn.


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