Sunday, June 07, 2009


I'm blogging from Oklahoma and making some amazing friends. However, the night sky draws me in with its hypnotic wind and flashes of lightning. I'm just too busy drinking up the last remnants of my trip to sit a minute longer at my computer. I'll just have to blog my experiences later.


Anonymous said...

Barry, thank you for visiting Oklahoma. Oklahoma is a much better place after you and Rhonda have visited. Robert

Oklahoma Girl said...

The lightening & thunder were AWESOME last night. I was almost home from Tulsa & was watching it as I got closer & closer. By the time I got home it was right over the top of the house. Fabulous light show. Glad you got to experience this wonderous OK sight.

blessed be...

Barry Moses (Sulustu) said...

Robert, I'm so happy to have met you. Thanks for your generosity and friendship.

Donis... I'm also happy to know you. Thanks for welcoming us to your world.


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