Thursday, June 18, 2009

One World Spokane

Virlinda serving organic meals at One World Spokane.

Real dishes create a sense of variety, community, and home.

Murals outside One World Spokane.

Within the last few months, several co-workers have mentioned a relatively new dining experience to arrive on the Spokane scene: One World Spokane. After some initial skepticism, I finally decided to give it a try.

One World Spokane operates under a rather unorthodox business model. In short, patrons choose their own portion sizes (which minimizes waste), and then pay whatever they believe is a "fair and reasonable" price. What's more, certain items on the menu are always free for those who may just need a meal for the day; no one is turned away. The menu always changes, but the food is always organic and high-quality.

Virlinda served the food and made sure I felt welcome (she is photographed above). She patiently explained the foods I had never tried, along with the philosophy behind One World.

In a society dominated by fast food and corporate chains, One World Spokane is a refreshing experience. I whole-heartedly recommend One World to anyone who cares about strengthening the sense of community in Spokane.

Check out their webpage here:

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