Tuesday, June 09, 2009


Oklahoma, originally uploaded by sulustumoses.

Rhonda and I traveled to Oklahoma City over the weekend as a direct result of my blog.

My blog began simply as a means to communicate with family members living out of state. From time to time, I sent pictures of the kids when they performed in a play or took part in some other community event. I never expected non-family to notice my blog, much less to follow anything I say.

As it turns out, several individuals from Oklahoma did take notice and began to leave comments on my blog. From comments and emails, to Skype calls, human relationships began to emerge.

But this isn't how I generally build relationships. I never intentionally sought friends online through email or chat. If anything, the idea frightens me just a little. Everything about my newfound blog friendships drove me toward uncharted waters.

Things took a massive leap into the unknown when one of my Oklahoma friends invited Rhonda and I to visit. Once I worked through my own misgivings, the thought of visiting excited me. On the other hand, Rhonda worked through issue in her own time. "How do we know who these people are?"

A few close family members reminded us of negative news reports involving online dating gone bad, or deviants who lure away minors for immoral purposes. But we weren't dating, and we're not minors. What's more, we made connections with several people over a long period of time.

We were simply a group of bloggers joined by a common thread, so we made the leap and traveled to Oklahoma. Our trip was very rewarding. In fact, we made connections far more meaningful than I would have expected in such a short time. In many ways encounter felt like an act of destiny.

In blog posts to come, I plan to highlight the connections we made.

The photograph above was taken at the Chickasaw National Recreation Area near Sulphur, Oklahoma.


jen said...

It was too short, it went too fast.

jen said...

...and you left the ballerina poster. I need your address so I can mail it in a tube!

Barry Moses (Sulustu) said...

Oh man! I knew I had forgotten something. I'll send you my address in an email.

And YES... it was too short. We'll have to visit again.

Oklahoma Girl said...

Yes, definately too short a visit. We will have to all get together again. I, like you, never expected to form relationships online. I started my blog as an extension of my journal & to stay in touch with my friends who had moved to NZ. Then we all found each other. It was the most comfortable meeting I have ever had with "strangers". It was like picking up where we had last left off. Destiny is an amazing thing.

blessed be...

T.R. said...

Hey Jen, there is also a white shirt to go in the mail - so I'll get the poster and ship it together. On second thought, let's make them come back and get them! My motto is always leave something to come back for!

T.R. said...

It was way too short! If I didn't know better I would think that photo was taken during your trip to the Yucatan. I love the jungle background.

I didn't get nervous until I saw that you kept an axe next to the grill and then I thought "Last Supper" perhaps.

Yes, Oklahoma is in love with the Moseses! Yes D, it very much was like picking up where we left off. We miss you guys - next time bring the kids!

A Collection of Letters Signifying All That is Me said...

there's two of the most beautiful people I've ever met, I love you both very much. Oh, and I decided to move home to Spokane this summer sometime. I'll see you then.

Barry Moses (Sulustu) said...

Thanks Nick.... you're pretty wonderful too.

Anonymous said...

our families traveled to Oklahoma once a few years ago. I couldn't remember the name and lo and behold the name came to me. Tonkawa Ok. Friends of the NP an tribe got together with the NPS an placed a memorial setting for the NP people who lost their lives after they were placed to live there back in 1877-79. The lived there for about 9-10 years and then were able to come back to the northwest. Someday we plan on going back to have a ceremony there. Also there were a few boading schools that our brothers went to. We are suppose to have family there. Clinton I beleive. so cool. Glad you got to experience it. j


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