Monday, September 22, 2008


Sometimes a few short words can change our lives forever.

This morning I received an unexpected email from the wife of a dear friend. In very few words, she informed me that my former missionary companion Jorge Alexander Argueta had died just a few days ago. I was stunned! I knew he suffered a debilitating accident a few years ago, but I believed he was getting well. Now he leaves behind a wife and several young children.

Just a month ago, he wrote and asked when I would go to visit him. He never read my response. His wife opened the message only today.

In its entirety, her response said:

"Elder Moses, espero que esté bien. Nosotros estamos muy tristes, Alex falleció el Lunes 15 de Septiembre. Hoy vi el correo y vi que usted le escribió. Agradezco mucho su amistad con mi esposo. Sé que me espera un camino duro, pero también sé que agarrados a la barra de hierro podremos salir adelante. El se fué antes, pero tengo fe en que estaremos juntos. Otra vez gracias. Rosa."

In English:

"Elder Moses, I hope you are well. We are very sad. Alex passed away Monday September 15. Today I saw the mail and I saw that you wrote. I thank your friendship with my husband. I know that a hard road awaits me, but I also know that by holding to the iron rod, we can move forward. He went before, but I have faith that we will be together. Once again, thanks. Rosa."

My heart aches for my old friend, and for his dear family! May God bless them all as they pass this mortal veil of tears. Rest in peace, my brother. Rest in peace.


Jennifer said...

never easy to hear: "_____ died."

*blessings on the children."

He is a friend to the fatherless and a help to widows...

Barry Moses (Sulustu) said...

Thank you for your kind thoughts.


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