Monday, September 29, 2008


The other day I spent my last pennies to buy gas for my car. I had saved my spare change in a glass jar for over a year. Only occasionally did I ever take a few loose coins for parking meters or other odd expenses. Not bothering to count the money, I spilled the pennies, nickels, and quarters onto the floor for one last sentimental look. How quickly they disappear! From there, I bundled them into a cloth bag and brought them to a machine that counts the money automatically. It felt strange walking into a store with a bagful of coins. I thought they only ever did that it cartoons.

The money clanked into the machine and the tabulations began. Finally the noise stopped and a small receipt emerged. $10.56 was the final total. That would buy me less than 3 gallons of gasoline and would hopefully last until payday. What a sad strange commentary on the state of our economy. The oil companies make record profits, and I pay for gas with my last pennies.


JenX67 said...

You're right - what irony.

sulustu said...

Sad, but true.


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