Monday, September 29, 2008


My sisters...



My sister Michelle recently celebrated her 30th birthday. In her honor, my sister and I invited her out to lunch at a palce called the lunch box. They sell Thai food at a reasonable cost.

During our visit, we had a strange conversation about horoscopes. Michelle contends that horoscopes are written in such general language, they could easily apply to anyone. Half-heartedly, I defended horoscopes as one way to understand the subsoncious. It's not even that I really believe in their supposed prophetic qualities, but rather in their ability to elicit information from our minds, like an inkblot test. We see what our beliefs pre-dispose us to see. I suppose this would actually support Michelle's theory, but I would still disagree with her conclusion that they are not valuable at least on some level. In my mind, anything that helps people to bring the subconscious to light is valuable.

Of course, I didn't tell her all that. I just smile and tell her I thoroughly believe in horoscopes.

She challenges my belief and devises a simple test. She said, "Okay, I'm going to read three horoscopes at random. One will represent your sign, and the other two will represent other signs. I won't tell you which is yours. You will have to determine your sign based on the words only."

I accept her challenge and listen carefully to each horoscope. By the time I listed to the first entry, I begin to think she may have a point. I think silently to myself, "Wow, that sounds like it could belong to me." She reads a second horoscope and I think that one could also apply to me. but before she reads the third horoscope she says, "Now what sign are you?"

I smile and say, "Pisces. And now I know which one is mine."

She laughs as she catches her mistake. "Okay wait," she says. Let me read three more." She does this, and finally waits for me to decide. They all sound good, but one seems to fit better than the others. It's not that my choice had any special words, or any other objective measure. It just FELT right.

As it turns out, I guessed the correct horoscope. "Damn!" she said, "That's okay, we'll test it again some other day."

Of course, now that I've published this blog, I've given my secret away. :)


Chelle said...

Great pictures of Kim and I. Except that one where you say I look like Grandma. The fact that I look like Grandma says, it shouldn't of been a good one.

sulustu said...

So what are you saying? You're assuming the family resemblance is a bad thing, like maybe I was calling you old or something. That was not the case. In fact, I meant it in a very positive way. I had never noticed the connection before, but now I see it in this picture. It was a compliment.


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