Thursday, September 04, 2008

Casa Sol - Otavalo

Casa Sol Otavalo outshines Casa Sol Quito by far. Both are wonderful, but the hotel in Otavalo is a special place. The building uses indigenous methods of construction while maintaining a high standard of comfort. It also reflects the cultural and spiritual beauty of local indigenous cultures.

Casa Sol stands on an impossible hill overlooking the city of Otavalo. Some cars have to stop before arriving, forcing guests to walk the last few meters. However, the climb is well worth the effort.

My friend Marcos owns both Casa Sol Quito and Otavalo. He has made a collection of musical instruments that he displays on the wall. He included a handmade drum I created and gifted him during his visit to my home last spring. During a welcome ceremony, we heated the drum over his fire and Isang several traditional songs to connect the indigenous peoples of North and South America.

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