Sunday, September 07, 2008


Flor and Victor in Cotacachi.

Me with Flor and Victor.

Flor and Cesar's father , Leonardo Alvear, at lunch.

From the market in Otavalo, we went to Cotacachi where Cesar's family prepared a wonderful lunch for everyone. Two other young people from our exchange program joined us there: Mariela and Flor. After lunch, we sang native songs and shared personal experiences. It was a beautiful cultural exchange for all of us.

Cesar's father Leonardo Alvear is the president of the Asamblea de Unidad Cantonal de Cotacachi, which is an organization that coordinates many other social organizations from many other areas of the country to develop a participatory democracy. His mom´s name is Cumandá Morales, she is a housewife and owns a leather clothes workshop. She employs four people.

With Cesar's family.

The youth and us with Cesar's family.

Marko de la Cruz.

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