Thursday, January 01, 2009


Anyone wearing a First Night pin got to ride the famous carousel without charge.

Afterwards, we participated in many other enjoyable events, such as watching the Blue Door Theater perform an improvisational comedy, watching Celtic dancers, listening to Celtic music, and watching expert jugglers. We later danced salsa and swing before marching back to the park for the New Year's countdown. First Night Spokane was just plain cool; it beats sitting at home.

In honor of Susan Wilson, I rode the goat on the famous carousel. When she sees this, she's going to be sooooo jealous that I got to ride the goat.

Whitney the expert rider.

McKenna refused to ride the carousel. She wouldn't even ride the boring little bench that doesn't move. And then she wouldn't let me take her picture. Fortunately for me, I managed to get this picture before she ran away and hid her face.

Dakota rider...

Look who we saw downtown, riding a giraffe, stoic as ever...

Waiting in line, just before McKenna decided not to ride the carousel.

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