Monday, January 05, 2009

Changing Focus

Record snowfalls have created a bizarre series of events in the Spokane area. To date, more than 40 rooftops have collapsed, causing people all over town to shovel the tops of their houses. And yesterday the sheriff ordered all schools closed to make way for snow plows. He made a television broadcast just this evening pleading with drivers to watch for children walking to school in the streets because the snow piles have made the sidewalks impassable.

Tensions are rising. Earlier today someone tried to shoot a snow plow operator for leaving a burm over his driveway. It's just plain crazy.

I hate to keep writing about the snow, but it seems to dominate every conversation these days; it's all around us. And so to get our minds off the negative aspects of snow, I propose to focus on the beauty. Here are a few pictures to help us along.

We drove to Ephrata the other day, passing Sprague, WA.

In front of my sister-in-law's house in Ephrata.

Sunset near Ephrata, WA.

The sun disappears and the temperature plummets.

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Chelle said...

Although beatiful pictures, they are not giving me any happy feelings. I am so burnt-out on shoveling. I used to enjoy the activity, not so much anymore. I also don't like driving in it. I tell people if I could just learn to tele-transport I would be ok with the snow. I am so happy to finally see the streets again.


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