Monday, January 05, 2009


My wife's family has a few great traditions, but perhaps the best is their homemade gift exchange. They draw names out of a hat and assign exchange recipients. Each person makes only one gift for one other person, and then they gather near Christmas for the big reveal. They all sit in a circle and take turns opening the gifts.

This year the gift exchange was delayed due to the weather, but we finally got a big enough break in the clouds to drive to Ephrata for the big day. The cousins got to play together, quite loudly at times, while the adults visited around a table full of food.

Chesney, Glenda, and London.

Tucker and Dixie.

Dakota and Cassie.

Whitney and Marissa.

Lanith and Tucker.



Anonymous said...

Nice Pictures!
Hi Barry,
As a teacher I've been given the gift of time to do some research (As I'm sure you know, the schools have been closed for three days). I'm watching the ice melt and I'm hoping it doesn't get too heavy while trying to create a great investigation for my students to study this January.
Annie, you and I talked at the Bioneers conference about a curriculum you wrote at Whitworth. I've been trying to get a copy of your curriculum about Native American boarding schools in Spokane. Unfortunately there isn't a copy in the library or in the research part of the Education department. The Program Assistant is checking your file for me.
Is it possible you might have a copy or some suggestions on good resources to use?

Thanks for any leads or help you can offer,
Sucia Dhillon
Summit School

Barry Moses (Sulustu) said...

Oh my, if they don't have my curriculum, then we're out of luck. I don't have any copies. Let me think about this for a bit; maybe we can come up with something again.

Chelle said...

Hi Barry, glad to hear you guys finnaly made it out to Rhonda's family's house, I know she was dissapointed she missed it earlier.


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