Thursday, January 08, 2009


The temperature rose to a sweltering 45 degrees, causing a dramatic meltdown of the recent accumulation of snow. As a result, Spokane has been transformed into a land of rivers and lakes on every street, parking lot, and alleyway. The remaining mounds of snow left by the plows have assumed interesting shapes caused by the rapid melt. All aesthetics aside, it's wonderful to see the street again; things almost feel normal.

I love to see how the water carves a channel through ice, like a miniature version of river formation in nature.


Chelle said...

Now these pictures make me feel happy. I also love the paths the water takes. A couple years back Aaron and I had to create a path to the storm drain to get rid of some water. I found it so much fun. I love seeing the water going in the path I created. I also like the pictures. Especially the last one.

Barry Moses (Sulustu) said...

It really is wonderful, isn't it?


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