Wednesday, August 19, 2009


All this talk about religion has me thinking about the great mysteries of life.

Exploring diverse cultures and beliefs is a way to expand my awareness of the world and to deepen my respect for others. Sometimes we even learn more about our own spiritual path by observing the path of another.

Knowledge is important, but in the end, I always take refuge in the spiritual traditions of my own people. Something about the simplicity of nature inspires me to live at peace with all creation. The plants, the animals, the water, the songs; they all exist in perfect, beautiful order. In these simple moments, I feel no need for doctrines, commandments, or creeds; only gratitude and love.


T.R. said...

Beautiful, sage advice. Sometimes in our quest for religion we inadvertently ignore spirituality.

Oklahoma Girl said...

Beautiful!!...& oh so true. I feel the same. I cherish my quiet early mornings & my quiet late evenings just sitting & reflecting. Lovely, calming picture!

blessed be...

Barry Moses (Sulustu) said...

TR and Donis, you are both so right. Those quiet moments in nature always bring me back to my center.


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