Tuesday, August 11, 2009


What does it mean when a person dreams of death?

A couple nights ago, I had a series of dreams with strong death images. In the first dream, I was standing at the base of the Twin Towers in New York City. As I looked upward, a handful of men jumped from the upper deck, and when they hit the ground, they didn't die. They bounced. At this stage of the dream, I felt excited for my turn to "make the leap." Even then, "jumping from the tower" seemed to conceal some hidden meaning.

The dreams started out pleasantly, but they took a dark turn. In the second dream, I was riding an elevator inside the tower, presumably to reach the upper floor. At least three other people stood beside me. The first was an elderly elevator operator. The second was an African American woman wearing a pink polyester suit and a matching hat. The third was a farmer wearing blue overalls and a white shirt. I'm not sure how the coversation turned to death, but somehow I discovered that the operator was actually a ghost. "Are you dead?" I asked. He smiled and nodded.

"What about you?" I asked the woman.

"I'm also dead," she said through a smile.

Before I could ask, the man wearing overalls said, "Me too." Suddenly I felt very uneasy to be riding an elevator car full of dead people.

In the third dream, I sat beside my bed while Rhonda comforted my daughter Whitney. She spoke through her tears, "I miss my daddy."

* * *

So is this a premonition or a prophetic dream? Is it symbolic of making a leap into a major life change? Or is it something else? I'm looking for reactions and feedback on this one. You know who you are. Please comment.


Anonymous said...

Barry, I have very mixed feelings about your dreams. I've had one dream death. My first feeling is how deeply meaningful dreams can be, such a gift at times. Second, how powerless I feel, yet want to understand and offer any insight. A few nights ago I dreamt that my son (he's 31) was standing with his fiance on a sidewalk in New York. He fell back and hit his head very hard. I worried over him the next day, prayed that he was okay (they were in fact in NY, at a friend's wedding). Finally, I called one of my aunties. She told me to think of it in terms of him getting a wake up call - 'hey, you're about to become married to a lovely young woman, focus.' It really helped me. My son is very focused, almost too much so; maybe some bit of pain would help him focus on the sacredness, even though we all see that he is. The biggest help from my aunt was that her words softened my worry. That in turn prevented me from suggesting to my son that I felt he may be in danger. Barry, here is one insight I can offer: Dreams are allowed by our Creator, gratefully I accept them all. When I get one that disturbs me, I thank God and seek his guidance to a path that provides me & loved ones safety. Those dreams are warning dreams. My best to you bro!

Holly LeBret said...

Barry, it's Holly, I posted on FB

jenX said...

I find irony in the pictures of your children below the dream of premonition. They are your mission, Barry, as is Rhonda. God has greatness in store for you. Trust and believe and walk in faith. He will meet all your needs. He will meet you in the dark night, when all others flee. You are brave and able!!! Never doubt it.

diane moses said...

I have many dreams about death in the past when things were not going to well for me, but I look at these dreams as messages most the time. We all have angels of sort and sometimes I feel like the only way they can reach us is through our dreams. I was told that if you dream of death and you can see the face of the one that is dead that it won't be that person, but that it might or could be someone else. I just lost one of my very best-friends a coupe weeks back, but the day before I found out she was in the hospital I woke up to a bird in my house, i dismissed it's sign and let it go, that night I heard about my best friend. It is so hard sometimes to understand our dreams and the significance, but if there is a meaning they will make it known to you. Well my good twin I certainly hope you have better dreams soon.

Barry Moses (Sulustu) said...

Holly, Thanks for your insight. I think you are correct. These kinds of dreams are an invitation to wake up and look more closely at life.

Jen, thank you for your kind words or affirmation and support. In my deepest moments of reflection, I feel the same way. What is more, I thank you for noticing.

Diane, It is so fascinating to hear you tell the same story I have heard passed down through the family. I dreamed of my dad's death for a full year before it happened, but I never saw his face.

I dreamed of yaya Messie, Minnie, and Bessie each within 24 hours before they passed. In the case of yaya Minnie, I saw her face in a mirror, and when I turned around she was gone. In the case of yaya Bessie, I saw her from behind as she was swallowed up by a natural disaster. In the case of yaya Messie, it was more like an angelic visitation. I saw her face clearly the night before she passed, but she was not "dead," but rather like an angel surrounded by light.

I saw Speedy about 5 months before he died, but like yaya Minnie, I saw his face and then he vanished.

So what does this all mean? I don't know. I think our ways tend to follow general patterns, but sometimes things fall outside the norm.

In any case, dreams like this help us to be more mindful of our lives.


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