Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Islam Continued

True to his word, my student returned to class this evening bearing two books on the teachings of Islam: "The Spirit of Islam," by Afif Tabbarah and "The Forty Ahaadeeth on Islamic Revival," by Shaykh Abdullah Hakim Quick.

My student entered the classroom with an obvious bounce in his step and a radiant smile. "I brought something for you," he beamed. He then handed me the books and again urged me to study his religion.

I thanked him and returned to helping my other students.

After work, I briefly scanned both books to gain some appreciation for their contents. One book is fewer than 100 pages, and the other exceeds 475 pages. No doubt, this will require some serious study if I plan to eventually entertain a reasonable and respectful conversation with my student regarding the key tenets of his faith.

So my intention?

My greatest desire for this situation is to simply deepen my understanding of Islam. In the big picture, I'm always happy to learn more about the religious convictions of others. Genuine understanding tends to inspire compassion.

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