Thursday, August 06, 2009


Had lunch again yesterday at One World Spokane. It was the first time Rhonda had eaten there. Afterwards, I braved the blistering heat for a brief walk through the neighborhood. Nothing extraordinary happened; I just love black and white pictures of alleyways, old buildings, and empty lots. Maybe I'm strange, but these kinds of scenes are just so beautifully lonely. When I see open urban spaces, I always imagine the past, as well as possible futures with gardens or indigenous plants.


Oklahoma Girl said...

Oh I have to agree. I love black & white also for the same reasons. I took pictures of my home place (my grandparents farm)several years ago, in fall just before winter with the leaves all off the trees. All in black & white. They are stark, lonely, sad. They reflect my childhood, but not the time spent on that farm. One day I will go back at the same time of year & take them in color. Will they then be vibrant & happy -the way I remember my time there?

Beautiful photos!!

blessed be...

Barry Moses (Sulustu) said...

That reminds me that I would have loved to find some of the old places you mentioned in Sulphur. I love that kind of photography. There just wasn't enough time.


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