Saturday, April 08, 2006

Cleaning the Houses

The hill above Steve's house...
Copyright © 2006 Barry G. Moses.


Ever since grandpa great passed away last year, his house sat on the hill alone. Grandma went to Arizona to live with Rhonda's dad, but they returned yesterday to pack up grandpa's last belongings and to give the rest away. The day was doubly sad because Lanith sold the other house after Steve's death, and now all his earthly possessions were also given away. It was hard to stand between those two houses and think of grandpa and Steve; many times I held back tears.

But then I would stop to hear the wind singing in the trees and feel the sun shining warm on my face. Something in the sound of the trees made me feel close to heaven, as though I could almost hear their voices telling me they're not really so far away after all. In the end, all earthly possessions eventually scatter into dust, but the eternal spirit lives forever. It is the great contradiction of life; our loved ones leave us and our physical eyes never see them again, and yet in their spirit form, they feel closer than ever before. It's like cleaning out those old houses. Eventually they'll be sold and we won't visit those places again, but the true HOME lives in our hearts. It lives within us, where ever we go.

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