Sunday, April 16, 2006

Easter Sunday

Easter Sunday commemorates the beginning of life after the long night of winter and death, whether we speak of the ancient indigenous rites of spring, or the resurrection of Jesus. In the ancient Jewish tradition, this season marks the Passover, when the Angel of Death literally passed over of the Israelites and delivered them to life. It seems all traditions honor new life and awakening during this time of the year.

My children remember this time because of candy, colored eggs, and new Easter clothes, but through our traditions and prayers, we also demonstrate love for one another and appreciation for life. During these last three years, my family passed through a dark season of grief and pain. As this new season bursts upon us, I pray for new life and joy. I have to believe Life is stronger than death; Hope is stronger than despair.

On a more practical level, Rhonda's brother and his family joined us for dinner. Afterwards, Paul and I enjoyed a wonderful conversation about religion, traditions, and accepting differences.

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Beautiful Ivy said...

Actually Barry, Passover is only one night, the night death passed the jews over in egypt. The rest of the week is the feast of un-leavened bread. Passover was last wedensday, this coming wedensday is the end of the the feast. Messianic Jewish faith believes that the reason for the feast of unleavend bread is because we are cleansing ourselves for the messiah yeshua\jesus This is the time of betrothal. In jewish wedding tradition the groom picks his bride, then leaves to prepare a home, yeshua comes back yom kippur, this is the fasting day, the bride cleanses herself for the return of the groom, then the feast of trumpets, which is roshasana, is the wedding anouncement, then the feast of tabernacals, wich I forget the americanized name, is the actual wedding, jewish wedding tradition is the bride and the groom go into their tabernacal to be alone.


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