Saturday, April 15, 2006

Frank Heinkel

Copyright © 2006 Barry G. Moses.

Frank Heinkel first heard the didgeridoo, an aboriginal instrument from Australia, while listening to the kitchen radio in his native Germany. The sound inspired him to seek out the didgeridoo and learn to play. Since then, he travels the world to share this gift with others and make important spiritual connections.

My friend Edward invited me to hear Frank this afternoon at Heart Song near Tum Tum, Washington. Only a handful of people attended, but the performance was amazing. I'm not sure I ever heard anything quite like this; the sound literally reverberated from our bodies as we listened. He played a number of other unusual instruments and performed what he called "throat singing." The sound was haunting, producing several tones at once.

Near the end of his performance, one of the other listeners convinced me to sing with Frank. I sang several of my father's songs while Frank sang with me. As our voices blended, I felt my spirit as though it were leaving my body. Something quite unexpected and unexplainable happened to me.

Frank's website can be reached by clicking HERE.


Beautiful Ivy said...

Oh those, (here I go i am going to attempt spelling it) Degeridoo's I love those instruments they are so peaceful sounding my parents just recently gave me an australian outback tape, the music is quite beautiful.

Chelle said...

am sad I missed that, it sounds like it would of been fun. Isnt that the same instrument Lisa plays when "The Simpsons" go to Australia?? If it is I think they are really great sounding.


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