Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Rez Cadillac

Chewelah's Rez Cadillac.
Copyright © 2006 Barry G. Moses.

Edward sent me on a rather bizarre errand to purchase a carton of non-filter Pall Mall cigarettes. It's weird because I'm not much of a smoker, and it feels a little awkward walking into a "Smoke Shack" and talking to people about smoking. And then every place I looked is out of that brand or wanted to charge me way too much money ($55 for one carton). None of the tobacco establishments on the Chewelah Rez carried any, but I got a great picture of an old Cadillac on the lot. The photo made the stop worth my time.

I should hasten to mention this errand has nothing to do with indulging vain habits or addiction to nicotine. We use tobacco for prayer, kind of like a sacrament.


Beautiful Ivy said...

Greetings Barry, today I told Joe that he should get ahold of you, I had to ask you something that you might know the awnser to. I was wondering if you could help teach me how to load our fax cover page to out going faxes in microsoft outlook?
Joe and I have recently started a bussiness, a printing design and ebay service.

I was reading a little about you and I think I might have read that you were interested in experiencing religons. Well for your information by the time you read this Joe I and the family will preparing to begin passover.

I got to your page because Joe left up his blog, I myself have given up on my blogger blog but, I continue to blog at my msn space and at my space, as well as my yahoo 360.

Joe has only told me good things about you, to bad we couldn't meet some day in person.

To contact us we can be reached at
Take your pick sir, there are many to choose from

Chelle said...

Ok I love this photo!! It does kinda remind me of the book Stephan King wrote "From a Buick 8" This book was about this car that was found/left at a gas station. The cops in this small town impounded the vehicle and all sorts of wierd scary things went on with the car. I realize yours is a picture of a Cadillac but it still reminds me of the book for some reason.


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